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Become an Integration Partner with Duett Accounting Program

Duett offers a REST API for integrating external applications with the Duett accounting program. The functionality you wish to offer must align with Duett AS's strategic plan and meet customers' demand for new features. If you are interested in becoming an integration partner, please follow the process description below

01 Possibilities

Access the API documentation in the Swagger test environment

Find more information on GitHub

To gain access to the test environment: Fill out this form


See change log in the API on GitHub

02 Gain Access to Test Environment

Information on the process (se process image below)

Read the API documentation - Swagger production environment

03 Commercial handling

Present your integration at our marketplace

Present Duett AS on your own website

Process model for integration partners

We have developed a comprehensive process model for integration partners who wish to roll out their offerings on Duett's marketplace. This model outlines the necessary steps and requirements to ensure a smooth and successful integration. For more detailed information on the process model and to discuss your specific needs and requirements, please contact us. Our team will be more than happy to provide you with the necessary information and guidance.